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The law states that your vehicle is fitted with the correct type and size of tyre for the vehicle you are driving. Laws are in place to govern all aspects of your tyres condition; most important is the minimum tread depth and your families safety when driving with children. The legal limit for the minimum depth of the tread is 1.6 mm across the central ¾ of the tread going around the complete circumference of the tyre.

As your tyres are the only point of contact the vehicle has with the road it is vitally important that you select the right tyre for your vehicle and for the purpose it is being used. Here at Pit-Stop we think motorists must get into the habit of checking all four tyres and the spare every 2 weeks for pressures and general condition.

As vehicle technology has advanced over the years – tyres must cope with heavier faster cars with more advanced braking systems. Other parts of the world have extreme winters. These cold or winter tyres have been specially developed over many years and work best in temperatures under 7 degrees Celsius. They look like normal tyres but perform differently.

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